My Tribe, Our Yarn

There are times when you feel like a princess, and this is one of those times. I have my very own yarn! Yes, you read that right, I have my very own yarn. I feel like a princess that has a rose named after her, that’s how special it feels.

Let me tell you all about it. Last year during our annual Scheepjes blogger days we were given the opportunity to design our very own yarn. We could select up to 6 shades that would be turned into a variegated yarn. We were given, I am not lying, more than 10.000 shade cards to choose from. Having 15 or so bloggers meant loads of debating, chatting, cutting, deleting, rearranging, thinking, thinking some more, asking for feedback, starting over again, and finally finding the perfect set of shades to match each of our personalities.

When designing my yarn I wanted colors that would be elegant, a bit in the background perhaps but with a little zing to it nonetheless. My final combination has muted bordeaux running into soft greys and a little mustard yellow to add that little bit of spice. Everyone agreed that these colors were “me”, although I’m still not sure what that “me” is exactly 😀 In my notebook the colors I selected; I still love these colors. Yellow, pink and grey is one of my favorite color combinations.

If you look at the ball from the top you can see the yellow, bordeaux, pink and grey shades running into one another. Our Tribe yarn is 70% Merino superwash, 30% polyamide sport weight and each 100gram ball has a handsome 420metres of yarn.

And just in case you don’t believe me, it has my name on the label. But my name was too long for the label, so I am missing a few characters 😀

Are you curious what the other shades look like? Our Tribe is available in 15 colourways, one for each member of the Scheepjes Blogger Tribe and Scheepjes family members: Kirsten from Haak Maar Raak, Nerissa from Miss Neriss, Rachele from Cypress TextilesSusan from Felted ButtonMaria from 50 shades of 4plyJellina from Jellina CreationsDedri from Look at what I madeCarmen from New Leaf DesignsChrista from The Curio CraftsroomEsther from Happy in RedTatiana from LillaBjornTammy from Canadutch, and Simy from Simy’s Studio.

If you are wanting to purchase my “It’s all in a Nutshell” Our Tribe yarn, or any of the other shades designed by my fellow bloggers, Our Tribe is available from Wool Warehouse (UK/Int), Caro’s Atelier (NL/EU), and many other Scheepjes stockists.

Tomorrow Christa from The Curio Craftsroom will share her colors with you. If you know Christa and her work a bit, I think you will know what she loves most.

With love,



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10 thoughts on “My Tribe, Our Yarn”

  1. That’s really exciting, but as with all yarns, particularly variegated and/or self-striping, I’d like to see what it looks like knit up into socks…


  2. Well that got me. When I read the first few words I’m thinking to myself I bet it’s purple. Wrong. It looks great Esther. No wonder you are so pleased.


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