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C2C Temperature Blanket

Every year I see people making a temperature blanket, and I always think, wow, what a commitment. I could never do that because the projects I work on are usually 10 to 15 weeks, max. And yet I am intrigued by letting something as unpredictable as the weather determine what a blanket looks like.  I have decided to set myself the challenge of making a temperature blanket for 2018! Would you like to make a C2C temperature blanket along with me?



I have chosen 35 colors from the amazing range of 88 Scheepjes Sugar Rush colors. I have darker colors for the cold temperatures, and as the temperature rises, the colors become warmer. It’s a beautiful color wheel where the hottest color blends in perfectly with the coldest color. My colorway averages out at about 20oC (67oF), which is an good representation of the average temperature of my home town. If temperatures in your home town average out much higher or lower, you could consider shifting the color chart up or down as needed.

A list of which color I use for which temperature is given in my Color Chart C2C Temperature Blanket Make ALong 2018. I have decided to use the maximum temperature registered by the official weather station in my city as the temperature for each day of the year. Use the Empty Color Chart to register the temperature in your city so that you can keep track of which color goes where.

You may notice that in the photo’s of my colors, the yarn is not Scheepjes Sugar Rush, but Scheepjes Catona and specifically the small 10g cutie pie balls. I use these small cutie pie balls as perfect shade cards because the Catona colors are the same as the Sweet Treat, Sugar Rush, and Cahlista colors but the cutie pies are much smaller in size and hence so much easier to store. You could consider spoiling yourself with a Scheepjes Studio Pack which includes a full set of Catona cutie pies and everything you need to make mood boards and explore your creativity to the max.

Scheepjes Suger Rush and Sweet Treat yarn is available from Wool Warehouse (UK/Int), Knotty House (US), Love Crochet (US), Caro’s Atelier (NL) and many other Scheepjes Stockists.


The pattern for my Make ALong results is a rectangular blanket and consists of 3 distinct parts: (1) increasing the diagonal of the blanket from January 1st to April 30th, (2) keeping the diagonal length steady from May 25th to August 9th, and (3) decreasing the diagonal from August 10th to December 31st. Schematically the blanket can be drawn out as shown in the image to the right. The details of the pattern are given in my Pattern C2C Temperature Blanket Make ALong 2018.

Gauge swatch

I am being all prepared and everything, (2018 is going to be a great year at this rate and it hasn’t even started yet!), I have even made a gauge swatch. The reason is that I want to have at least a rough idea of the size of my blanket. From my gauge swatch a 10cm (4in) x 10cm (4in) patch comes to 11 C2C pixels.  The blanket will be 120 pixels wide by 245 pixels high. Based on this gauge I estimate my blanket will be 110cm (44in) x 220cm (88in). I suggest you make a gauge swatch also, just to be sure on size. If you are using a different yarn than I am, I really suggest you make a gauge swatch. If your gauge swatch turns out larger, drop a hook size.


If you have not done C2C before and you would like to learn, I have a video tutorial as part of my Crochet Fundamentals that covers the basics of C2C. I hope that this video will get you started in this fun technique. I have the video available in a right handed and left handed version.

Share your C2C Make ALong #C2CMAL2018

I will be posting each month to show you the progress of my blanket. Maybe you would like to make a blanket along with me? If you are joining me and making a C2C temperature blanket with me I would LOVE to see your blanket progress. Use the hastag #C2CMAL2018 on Facebook and Instagram to help me find it, share your work in my It’s all in a Nutshell Crochet Nuts group on Facebook or tag me in one of your posts. I will share the first progress of my blanket somewhere in January 2018.

I am going to take a small break over the Christmas holiday. I wish all of you a beautiful festive season with friends and family. If you are working during the holidays, thank you for serving our community. If you are on your own this festive season, I hope my videos will keep you company. I look forward to meeting up with you again next year.

God bless,


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47 thoughts on “C2C Temperature Blanket”

  1. Thanks Esther for the great idea. I think I would have to change the color suggestions. Im in Canada and I think my whole project would be black. Just this week most days will be -12C. Great idea though. I love your projects and your willingness to share

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Esther,
    Looks like a real challenge! Because this is new to me I’ve got a question. How do you go about purchasing the right amount of balls per colour?


  3. What a great idea to use this thin yarn for a temperature blanket! So my (dumb) question is…. If you are out of town, will you use the temperature of the town you are visiting… Or continue to use the temperature recorded for your own town?


  4. Hi, I just found your blog through the pattern for this on Ravelry, I would love to make one along with you! I think I’ll go with your chart for colors for the most part, I just will need to add more above 95F, it gets pretty hot here and a good portion would end up black.

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  5. I love the idea of a temperature-make, but I was thinking of starting with a scarf rather than a blanket. It would probably end up Doctor Who-long, but then I’d be able to wear it around instead of it having to stay at home

    Liked by 2 people

  6. I was looking at your suggested colors in your temperature chart. I live in Chicago where we use Fahrenheit to determine temperature. Your chart begins in the 20s with the color black. In Chicago it is below zero until late February or March and usually does not go above the high 80s in summer. That means I would have one very black project. Any suggestions?


  7. I’ve got a silly question about the temperature. Do we annotate the “high” temperature for the day or the temperature at a given time?


      1. When I did mine, I chose the temperature it was when I sat down to work on it that day. (Wall thermometer). I also chose a special color to use on birthdays and our anniversary.

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  8. I am loving this I really am! I want to start it, im keeping a note of temperatures per day before I do. I am guessing its 4 rows a day? for the colour needed for that temperature?! Once began i will start tagging and hashtagging etc 🙂


  9. I am trying to start and mine just looks really “holey”. I am wondering (1)is that hook size a misprint and (2) is the dc you refer to American or British terms?


  10. Started my own little family group, but point them back to yours for instructions. I will be joining you and also did the 2017 project. Which was an amazing adventure in learning. Not sure how to go about hashtagging things, so would love a little lesson on that.


  11. I wanted to make one. I was thinking about it towards the end of last year, but… I decided to knit a king sized blanket instead. I still make create a temperature blanket depending on when I’m finished with the current blanket that I’m knitting.


  12. Dag Esther, het had wat voeten in de aarde alvorens ik kon beginnen, maar met jouw uitleg over de vermoedelijke hoeveelheden, en dankzij een Ned. vriendin geraakte ik aan het nodige materiaal (ook aan eventuele nabestellingen) en ben ik gestart op 9/4 met een Vlaamse temperatuurdeken….en gisterenavond was ik helemaal bij tot 30/4 ! Het is een uitdaging, maar zo leuk! Het geeft een heel andere kijk op het weer. Bedankt voor het idee!

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  13. Do you have a video or pictures from row 147 to repeating 146. I am stuck on the continuous diagonal and cannot figure it out from your written directions.



    1. The continuous diagonal is an increase at one side of the blanket, and a decrease at the other side.
      I have this video showing how to work a square, so that is a decrease on both sides.

      But for the continuous you only decrease on one side, and continue with an increase on the other side.


  14. I discovered this pattern on Ravelry and loved it! I started working on it for my daughter. I’m a little confused as I am approaching the April 30 mark. We continue the increase through row 120 with each row increasing by one pixel. The instructions for the constant diagonal say we should have 90 pixels. How is that? Shouldn’t it be 120 pixels since we are increasing by one each time for the first four months?


    1. There was an update of the pattern later on, if you download the latest version of the pattern you will see that under version control I changed the dimensions of the blanket. In version 4 of the pattern I changed the diagonal to 145 pixels.


  15. Hi there,
    I am crocheting C2C for the first time and am on row 90 so far. My question us I don’t want to make it quite as tall as yours and maybe a little wider. Would that be easy to do?
    Thanks so much in advance


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