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Trinity Mandalas Part 2 – Free Crochet Pattern

In Part 2 of Trinity Mandalas, we grow the medium and large mandalas, and finish the medium one by connecting it to the 30cm(12″) ring. At the end of part 2, the small and medium mandalas are completed, and the large one is two-thirds completed. Under Resources and Patterns you find the links to the written patterns in several languages, video tutorials in English, yarn kits, and support groups.


Pattern Part 2

Buy the full, printable PDF pattern (parts 1, 2 and 3 in one document) at a nominal fee HERE.

Video Tutorial

I have an English (US Terms) video tutorial available which shows how to make part 2 of Trinity Mandalas. I hope this video helps to give everyone the support they need. In the video description there are time stamps, so you can jump to the round you need.


The mandalas are designed to be approximately 10% smaller than the rings they go into. This means the small mandala is 14cm before it goes into the 15cm ring, the medium mandala is 27cm before it goes into the 30cm ring, and the large mandala is 45cm before it goes into the 50cm ring. The 10% difference is important, because the mandalas need to be stretched out when placed in the ring to ensure that they can support their own weight. If they are too large, they will be floppy and droopy when placed in the rings.

If you find that your mandalas are too big, you are most likely lifting your stitches higher than I am. I suggest you look at THIS VIDEO about the golden loop. If you are a so-called lifter, your stitches will be higher than average, and going down a hook size will not make much difference. I suggest that you try to pull your yarn back to make your stitches shorter.


You will need 10 colors of Scheepjes Catona (50g/125m) yarn and 3 mandala rings to make the Trinity Mandalas. Full details on yarn amounts can be found HERE.

I have yarn kits available for my Trinity Mandalas in my shop. The mandala kits include everything you need to make these mandalas including the printed pattern, yarn and the mandala rings. I ship internationally!

You will need 3 rings to finish the mandalas, with diameter 50cm (19″ or 20″), 30cm (12″) and 15cm (6″). We make the mandalas using a 3mm crochet hook.


If you would like to share your lovely mandalas, use the hashtag #TrinityMandalas to help me find it on Facebook or Instagram. You can also share your work in my It’s all in a Nutshell Crochet Nuts Facebook group or tag me in one of your posts.

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  1. Dank je wel Esther voor deel 2 van deze uitdaging. Ik weet zeker dat we allemaal weer veel plezier gaan beleven deze week.

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