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Rozeta CAL – Video Tutorials

Rozeta is a beautiful blanket that combines tapestry crochet and overlay crochet. A textured border adds the finishing touches to a lovely project. Rozeta is the Scheepjes crochet along 2019, and is designed by Tatsiana from Lilla Bjorn Crochet. Tatsiana let her imagination grow this amazing blanket, using the windows found in Gothic churches as her inspiration to create Rozeta. I don’t believe I have ever seen a blanket quite like this one. In this post you find all the information you need to make your own Rozeta blanket, including links on where to buy kits, find the written pattern, the video tutorials, and all other things you might need under resources and video tutorials. 


Yarn kits

Have you ever looked at a stained glass window, and observed how it looks different each part of the day? The light plays with the colors in the glass, and gives a different look each time. These different looks are captured in the different colorways available for Rozeta.

There are kits available for all 4 colorways and in 2 yarns, which means that there has to be a kit that fits both your color preference and your budget. The Luxury Kit contains 11 Balls of Scheepjes Our Tribe and the Colour Crafter kit contains 15 balls of Scheepjes Colour Crafter. The final Colour Crafter blanket measures 175 x 145cm and the Our Tribe blanket 118 x 148cm.

Kits are available for order from Wool Warehouse (UK/International), Knotty House (USA/CA)Caro’s Atelier (NL/EU), and many other Scheepjes stockists. Thank you for supporting me by buying your yarn through the links on my blog. It costs you nothing, but I get a small commission based on your purchase.

All kits have a Rozeta label, a decorative wooden ornament, a darning needle, and a string of embroidery yarn. The luxury Our Tribe kits also contain a large basket to carry all your Rozeta yarn goodies.

All Rozeta video tutorials

Find all video tutorials for Rozeta in one YouTube playlist on my YouTube channel. You can also find the videos on the Scheepjes website and in the English and Dutch Facebook groups. I have the videos available as in English UK Terminology – Right handed, English UK Terminology – Left handed, Nederlands – Rechtshandig, and Nederlands – Linkshandig

My Rozeta: Our Tribe Dusk

I used the Dusk colorway in the beautiful Our Tribe yarn for my blanket. Over the weeks I have grown my blanket, and it has become a real piece of art. In Part 1 we made the central flower, which we grew in Part 2 and Part 3. In Part 4 we added a rounds of overlay crochet, and in Part 5 we started the beautiful details along the outer edge of the mandala. In Part 6 and Part 7 we finished the detailed overlay, and in Part 8 we added corners to the mandala. The bottom panel was started in Part 9 and finished in Part 10. Finally, the blanket is finished with a lovely border in Part 11.

My old tomcat Jack is almost always by my side, also when I am outside taking photographs of my blanket. He is already 18 years old, and doesn’t do much of anything anymore. Just laying in the sun, and inspecting my crochet from time to time. We adopted him about 6 years ago. He had been in the shelter for over 6 months, and no-one wanted him because of his looks. He has a ripped ear, just the one eye, and at the time he was thin and his coast was a bit tatty. He isn’t nature’s prettiest, but honestly, he is the best-natured cat I have ever had! I hope I may enjoy his company a few years more.

I also hope you have enjoyed your Rozeta journey with me. I hope we meet again soon!

With love,


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5 thoughts on “Rozeta CAL – Video Tutorials”

  1. I think Jack is beautiful! And so are you for adopting him when no one else wanted him! I hope you have him for many years to come also. Bless you, Esther! (and thanks for the great videos!)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you so much. This is the 1st time I have done tapestry crochet. I will try harder to keep the yarn more to the back. You are an awesome teacher and I absolutely love your videos. Great pace and detail

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Just finished the 2020 Scheepjes CAL (with your help, thank you) and loved it so much I just bought this one from last year!!! So very happy that I’ll have your videos to guide me again!!

    Liked by 1 person

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