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I have that bag!

My ‘I want that bag! CAL‘ is finished. I am SO happy with the result, just look at it! It’s no longer a case of ‘I want that bag’ but ‘I have that bag’ 😀 It’s a combination of wonderful Scheepjes yarn and a great design, you just can’t go wrong. I will be taking this bag with me everywhere I go, stuffed with more wonderful crochet projects.


I took my bag out for a small photo shoot in the woods close to my home during a wonderful warm autumn day. I love being outside and my boys love running in the woods, another win-win situation. It was great to wander around, not be in a rush, stopping to look at something special or nothing in particular. You know, just stopping to smell the roses, or in this case, feed the horses.

woods and forest in autumn

feeding horses

If you want to make a bag of your own your can find the original pattern on Just a Girl and a Hook. I also have a full set of instruction videos to help you every step of the way. If English is not your thing I also have a Dutch translation available for you.

closeup I want that bag CAL

I used Scheepjes Bloom in the colors Azalea (426), French Lavender (402), Violet (403), Tulip (406), Geranium (408) and Dark Fern (411) with a 5mm crochet hook to make my bag. In my color chart I tell you exactly which color I used where. I used 2 skeins each of Azalea and French Lavender, and one skein each of Violet, Tulip, Geranium and Dark Fern. Off course you also need a jute bag.

scheepjes bloom

This was a wonderful project and relatively quick to make. I hope you love your bag as much as I do and I hope to see you again soon for a new project.

With love,





8 thoughts on “I have that bag!”

  1. Kimberly’s website, justagirlandahook, no longer exists. Where can I find the pattern for the “I want that bag” Cal? Ravelry directs folks back to Kim’s website but as I said the site doesn’t exist anymore!


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