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Around the Bases CAL – Video tutorials and colorway

In this post you can find all information about Around the Bases Crochet Along designed by ChiChi Allen. In Around the Bases we make a stitch samples blanket around a central square of your choice. Because everyone uses a different center square, each blanket is unique. I used a square from the Scheepjes CAL 2014 as my center square.


Yarn amounts

The amount of yarn you need is dependent on the size of the center square you use, hence all yarn amounts are estimates only. I used Scheepjes Linen Soft yarn and a 3.5mm crochet hook to make my blanket. You will need in the order of 18 balls of yarn, depending on how many colors you want to use and the weight of you yarn.

Linen Soft is available from Love Crafts (US/UK), Caro’s Atelier (NL/EU) or your local Scheepjes stockist

I just about used all the available colors in the range You can find a full list of all the colors I used in my color chart, including the extra rounds I added at the end of part 14.

Video Tutorials

All video tutorials for Around the Bases is available in one YouTube playlist on my channel.

Center base for Around the Bases

About my center base. I use a square from the Scheepjes CAL 2014 designed by the lovely, but very sadly late, Wink from A Creative Being. More specifically, I use the square from week 8.

Just one note on using this square. The stitch count of the original square is not correct for Around the Bases. The original square has a stitch count of 39 stitches per side. You need a stitch count of multiples of 6 – 2 for ATB. The closest to this is a stitch count of 40 stitches. To get the 40 stitches I have replaced the original corner in round 9 which is [2dc, ch2, 2dc] with [3dc, ch2, 2dc]. This way you add 1 stitch to the last row. ChiChi gives detailed instructions for preparing your base square here.

My Around the Bases

My version of Around the Bases is bright and bold. The yarn is sturdy yet cool, which makes it very suitable for a summer evening outside.


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  1. Hi,

    Thank you so much for your posts, I look forward to them each week. Thank you for also posting your video tutorials, they are a wonderful addition to the instructions and helped me through a few ‘confused’ moments. Thanks again,

    Regards Chris Taylor Encounter Bay South Australia

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  2. Does anyone know when the paid pattern for ATB CAL along with the Enchanted Garden paid pattern will be released? I really would love to make the Enchanted Garden plus ATB.

  3. The videos are so very helpful. I use them rather than he written instructions. They are so easy to follow. Love them.

  4. hi, I am doing the around the bases Cal. you spoke in the videos how you added a section, and that how you did it could be found here. can you direct me to that?

  5. I have completed row 62. I am team B and video says to skip row 63. Row 63 is on my team B version of the paper pattern. I am sure l must be misunderstanding something. Should I skip row 63? Thank you Esther for all you do.

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