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Demelza video tutorial – small corner squares

Demelza blanket consists of various elements and this week we are making the small corner squares.

The Demelza blanket is designed by Catherine Bligh and is accompanied by a photo tutorial in English and Dutch. The design is inspired by the character Demelza from Poldark, a series of novels written by Winston Graham in the 20th century and adapted for television by the BBC.


Video tutorial

You can find the video link for the small corner squares, along with all other parts of the Demelza video series on my YouTube channel.


I am using 13 colors of Scheepjes Stone Washed yarn with a 3.5mm hook, but for this week I have only used 10 of my colors. I have made 4 squares each in 4 different colorways to come to 16 squares total. Here my colorway for this week.

Round  Colorway A Colorway B
1Moon Stone (801)Coral (816)
2Citrine (817)Green Agate (815)
3Lemon Quartz (812)Green Agate (815)
4Boulder Opal (804)Boulder Opal (804)
5Boulder Opal (804)Boulder Opal (804)
Round  Colorway C Colorway D
1Citrine (817)Corumdum Ruby (808)
2Lilac Quartz (818)Red Jasper (807)
3Deep Amethyst (811)Red Jasper (807)
4Boulder Opal (804)Boulder Opal (804)
5Boulder Opal (804)Boulder Opal (804)

Yarn amounts so far

At this point I have used varying amounts of the 10 colors for this week, except for Boulder Opal of which I have used more than one ball. Rounding up, I have used the following balls of yarn so far: 1 x Moon Stone (801), 2 x Boulder Opal (804), 1 x Red Jasper (807), 1 x Corundum Ruby (808), 1 x Deep Amethyst (811), 1 x Lemon Quartz (812), 1 x Green Agate (815), 1 x Coral (816), 1 x Citrine (817), 1 x Lilac Quartz (818)

You can buy Scheepjes Stone Washed from Wool Warehouse (UK), Jimmy Bean Wools (USA), Love Crafts (USA), The Knitting Network (UK), Caro’s Atelier (NL/EU), or your local Scheepjes Stockist.

I hope to see you in two weeks when we continue with our lovely blanket.

With love,

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24 thoughts on “Demelza video tutorial – small corner squares”

  1. hy esther,
    thank you for your great video, it is fun to crochet with you, i tryed the small sqaures in one colorway, and its work well, but then i tryed one of the biger flat squares with only one color and you are right, this looks not soo pretty

      1. I will be starting this Cal.I love your color choice. I hope i can still get these colors at Paradise Fibers. Do you have a list of how much yarn you use of each color for the complete afghan? So helpful…Thanks i really have enjoyed the Dance in Sea Cal..So much fun….on my 2nd on now..

  2. Hoi Esther,
    Jeetje, dit gaat weer een fantastische deken worden. Heerlijk haken met het Stonewash garen.
    Even een vraagje. Hoe groot zijn jou squares geworden? De mijne is 85×85 mm. Ik haak misschien iets te strak want ik vind het vierkantje niet lekker soepel.
    Verder weer enorm bedankt voor de duidelijke uitleg…net als alle andere haaksterren ben ik erg blij met je.
    Groetjes van Thea

      1. Hoi Esther, hier ben ik weer even. Bij mijn laatste vierkantje van de 16 was de 804 op. Zoals gezegd had ik van alle kleuren 1 bolletje gekocht. Is de 804 de hoofdkleur voor de hele deken? Ik ga maandag van allemaal nog een bolletje bestellen, kun je misschien vertellen van welke kleuren ik er zeker nog 2 moet bestellen? Hopelijk niet van allemaal want dan komt het ver boven mijn begroting uit.
        Groetjes van Thea

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