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Crochet Stitch and Technique Guide

When you are working on a crochet project, it can happens that there is a stitch or a technique used in the pattern that you have never done before. In this tips and tricks post as part of my TLC Blanket, I give you an overview of individual stitches and techniques. I show you how to make the stitches and do the technique using videos that are part of my Crochet Fundamental series on my YouTube channel. In these short videos, available for left and right handed crafters, I demonstrate only that one stitch or technique. This page is meant as a reference, for you to fall back on in case you need it.


Crochet Stitch Guide

The stitches given below use US Crochet Terminology. If you are more familiar with UK Crochet Terminology, you can find a conversion table HERE.

Stitch Name
(US Terminology)
Left handed (LH)
Right handed (RH)
ss – slip stitchLeft handedRight handed
ch – chainLeft handedRight handed
sc – single crochetLeft handedRight handed
fsc – foundation single crochetLeft handedRight handed
esc – extended single crochetLeft handedRight handed
standing sc – standing single crochetLeft handedRight handed
rsc – reverse single crochet / crab stitchLeft handedRight handed
hdc – half double crochetLeft handedRight handed
fhdc – foundation half double crochetLeft handedRight handed
ehdc – extended half double crochetLeft handedRight handed
standing hdc – standing half doubleLeft handedRight handed
dc – double crochet Left handedRight handed
fdc – foundation double crochetLeft handedRight handed
edc – extended double crochetLeft handedRight handed
standing dc – standing double crochetLeft handedRight handed
sc2tog – two single crochet
stitches worked together
Left handedRight handed
dc2tog – two double crochet
stitches worked together
Left handedRight handed
PC – popcornLeft handedRight handed
BB – BobbleLeft handedRight handed
sVst – Short V stitchLeft handedRight handed

Crochet Technique Guide

(US Terminology)
Left handed (LH)
Right handed (RH)
Magic Circle / RingLeft handedRight handed
Slip knotLeft handedRight handed
Attach new yarnLeft handedRight handed
Increasing stitchesLeft handedRight handed
Close with invisible joinLeft handedRight handed
Close with slip stitchLeft handedRight handed
Linen stitchLeft handedRight handed
Corner to Corner Crochet
Left handedRight handed
Planned Color PoolingLeft handedRight handed
Traditional Granny SquareLeft handedRight handed
Split Granny SquareLeft handedRight handed
Join As you Go (JAYG)
with double crochet
Left handedRight handed
Using a LucetLeft handedRight handed
Spray BlockingRight handed
Join yarn without a knotLeft handedRight handed
Work a smooth edge along a
rugged edge with slip stitches
Left handedRight handed

Learn to crochet and make a TLC Blanket of your own

If you want to make a TLC Blanket of your own, you can find all the information you need HERE. I have all the information available in English and Dutch.

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  1. Thank you Esther. These video guides will be very handy when crocheting TLC blanket.

  2. Thank you so much for such a wonderful resource guide!!!!!!!!! I will be checking it often (especially the invisible join – I’ve never been able to get it right.)

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