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YouTube Creator Award

Where do I start to thank you for your support? I have reached the mind-blowing milestone of 100k subscribers on my YouTube channel; still can’t really believe it really. To celebrate this amazing milestone, YouTube has sent me a Silver YouTube Creator Award together with a letter from YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki.

This milestone is wonderful, and is a recognition for all the hours and hard work that have gone into my YouTube channel. Fact is, these videos don’t make themselves.

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who helped me to achieve this award, because another fact is, I can’t do it on my own.

First of all, I want to thank each and every one of you who are subscribed to my YouTube channel. You are the reason I do what I do, because I know that with the aid of my videos, you can make beautiful things.

I want to thank my family for the patience when, yet again, I need the house to be quiet to record a video. The number of times my husband has gone out to play football with the boys, so that the house would be empty and I could get to work on meeting a deadline, is endless.

I also want to thank two ladies who have started me on my journey to make video tutorials. My first video tutorial was back in 2014, just a few months after learning to crochet. I want to commemorate the late Marinke Slump from A Creative Being for giving me the opportunity to make video tutorials for my very first CAL, the Scheepjes CAL 2014. She trusted me when I am not even sure I would have trusted myself if I was in her shoes. I also want thank Dedri Uys from Look at what I Made for giving me wings, by allowing me to make video tutorials for her game changing Sophie’s Universe design. If it wasn’t for Dedri, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Lastly, but surely not least, I want to thank Scheepjes. A yarn company that has had the trust in me to ask me to be a Scheepjes Blogger, even though at the time I was not really sure that I had to the skills to design anything, let alone be a blogger.

I don’t know what the future holds, and I don’t know how long I will be making video tutorials, after all, everything comes to an end one day. However, for now, that day is still far away.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your trust and support over the past six years ❤

With love,

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47 thoughts on “YouTube Creator Award”

  1. You have earned this and are so deserving. You’re an amazing teacher and have taught me so much (and I’ve crocheted almost 40 years!). Bravo!!


  2. Congratulations Esther, you’re video tutorials are completely invaluable! I have learnt so much and come on so far since learning and crocheting along with you. Here’s to many more fabulous videos. I’m looking forward to the new 2020 Cal. x


  3. Van harte gefeliciteerd!
    Wat een mooie waardering voor je harde werk.
    En zo verdient, zelfs ik als ervaren haakster kijk (en luister) graag naar je video’s.


  4. Fantastic award for a fantastic set of videos, I could not of done half the blankets if I haven’t of followed you.
    Congratulations on a well deserved award xx


  5. This is fantastic news, you Certainly deserve it , I am a left handed crocheter and I followed your every step when you made the “Iconic Sophie’s garden “ Which as far as I am concerned is the best pattern ever , and without you guiding me through each and every round I would never have made it , since then I have followed you on each and every one , pattern , so thank you for all your hard work , so very pleased for you


  6. Congratulations – you so deserve this award. You taught me how to crochet in 8 weeks. Thank you for the TLC videos! Awesome teacher!


  7. This is fantastic news , you so richly deserve this , I have followed you since your first demonstration, I am a left handed crocheter and without your wonderful help I would never have completed the iconic Sophie’s garden , each and every row was so easy and satisfying to work with you , and since then I have followed each and every one , you make each instruction seem so easy and your voice is so calming , it makes me feel that we are sitting in a beautiful garden ,sun shining ,and enjoying our craft together , so well done , gold is the next one wished for you , you deserve every accolade, thank you . best wishes And stay safe


  8. No-one in the whole world, deserves this more than you. That 2014 CAL with Wink, was my, and my daughter’s, first attempt at crochet too and we would never have managed it without your videos. Many, many thanks, Esther.


  9. Esther. You deserve every single accolade you get. You are truly amazing. You have helped me and no doubt, countless others, actually achieve a dream. And by that I mean, someone like me could complete a Sophie’s Universe. No WAY I could’ve achieved ghat without your video tutorial. Thank you SO much. 🦋💕


  10. Congratulations from the upper peninsula of Michigan in the USA. You deserve the award! You are doing a wonderful job helping many through our creative journey.


  11. Congratulations for a great achievement! I learned how to crochet before you tube was invented.

    When I retired and started Sophie I found you.I You helped me to advance my skills.

    Thank you Sent from my iPad



  12. A very , very well deserved award . You are one of my favourite You Tubers and I have learned so much from you and developed so much . You devote so much time to teaching us when you have other commitments , thank you again , jackie .


  13. Congratulations, Esther! You so deserve this recognition. Many of us wouldn’t have completed our first Scheejpes CAL or our Sophies without your videos. You may never know how many people you have taught, but you and Wink and Dedri changed the way we all look at crochet and have inspired so many crocheters worldwide. We thank YOU.


  14. You absolutely met your goal when it comes to my crochet journey. It really started for me with Nuts about Squares and when I realized I could do almost anything with you on my screen to help me. You also helped me become part of the crochet and yarn community. Thanks so much!

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Congratulations Ester! You deserve this and so much more. You taught me to crochet with Sophie’s Universe. I didn’t know that it was advanced when I began. Your videos are invaluable and you are a wonderful teacher.


  16. You go girl!
    I can honestly say if it wasn’t for you, I would not be the crocheter I am today.
    I was around 8 when my Nana 1st put a hook in my hand, and I chained everything thing I could wrap around my hook. Then into SC, DC, 1/2dc. I never really made anything recognizable, but I was doing something with Nana, and that made us both happy. 2 years ago I picked up a hook again and was remembering those good times with Nana, and I wanted to bring back those memories. She’s been gone such a long time.
    I found a couple of easy patterns to play with and was doing OK. Being 58, my go to for patterns were on paper. At my age I didn’t think about YouTube. That’s a place where my grandkids show me funny videos…
    I saw a picture of the Demelza blanket. It was soooo beautiful! I followed a link to your website, then to your YouTube channel, and a whole creative world opened up for me. I learned to count stitches, and overlay crochet, and use beautiful colors and textiles! Amazing!
    I ordered my 1st yarn pack and off I went following you stitch by stitch. I created my first treasure, and it is soooo beautiful. My sisters in law all said we didn’t know you could crochet? I said, I didn’t either, but this pretty lady with a sweet and patient voice showed me I could.
    They are believers too. They had never seen such beautiful textiles and overlay crochet, what was that? Now they follow you too.
    Crochet brings people together. Crochet calms a distraught heart. Crochet brings you up when you’re feeling down, and settles you when you’re anxious.
    Esther, in more was than one you’ve helped change many of our lives! Many of us believe you’re a treasure sent from heaven…
    You have truly touched my life, and I will ALWAYS in all ways remember you!


  17. Watching you! This is how I learned to crochet, in part. But, how to explain your voice and your calm? How wonderful that you have won this award! I learned to crochet the hardest square, Tropical Delight from you. I learned of Scheepjes from you! A few years ago I began to watch videos from all over the world, the women doing crochet, but what I loved was your plain tablecloth and the tiny black stitch on it. Then your hands would start, and you have the best voice. You made it seem possible. We don’t have the kinds of yarns here that you have over there, or the little boutiques, so I had this terrible worsted in garish colors. I did not care! I made that square. Just this morning in Ravelry one said of you, it was from Esther that I learned of the CALS and I never looked back. We are so lucky to have you. ps: thank you for the most recent ones on blocking! I look forward to your designs, but you will make the new CAL perfect for all.


  18. As so many have already noted – your video tutorials make lives so much better. Your calm approach, your patience, your gentleness – we all look forward to each new video. Sometimes I watch them over just to find peace on a busy day. In addition to your videos, your designs are lovely. I am in the middle of a Merry-Go-Round blanket. Your voice resonates in my head as I work. Congratulations!


  19. The comments above say it all, Esther. You are one of a kind, and you so deserve this accolade. I’m one of those who would still be crocheting granny squares if not for your soothing voice and brilliant videos. Congratulations, with so much love. ❤


  20. Congratulations on a well-deserved award! I have basically learned crocheting through YouTube videos because I am a visual learner. My first ever crochet project was Mandala Madness after basically 6 months of crocheting hot pads and shawls. I was lost reading patterns and second guesses whether I understood them or not. Your videos were immeasurable help to me. In fact, if the project did not have your videos on it, I tended to shy away from them. Thank you for all the efforts you have put into making them. And please extend a huge thanks to your family, specially your husbands. It will be a sad day when you decide to hang your hooks and threads and happy to note that it will not be for some time. Thank you and God bless.


  21. Congratulations, Esther! I am left handed and your videos have helped me so much! Your videos are better than any classes I could ever take.


  22. Hello Esther..
    Congratulations..all the hard work paid off..your video’ s is so detailed and very helpful!
    But also true is all the help that you had from everybody that help you on your journey..
    Enjoy and may you be Blessed..

    Marianna Froehlich


  23. Congratulations! My grandma taught me how to do basic crochet when I was little. Just the last couple years I took it up again. I have made some beautiful creations watching your YouTube channel. I believe I did a lot of frogging in the beginning (thank goodness for pause and rewind). You have created a desire in me to crochet again. Thank You so much. I never order internationally however I’m anxiously awaiting your 2020 Scheepjes Cal Pack!

    Liked by 1 person

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