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YouTube Creator Award

Where do I start to thank you for your support? I have reached the mind-blowing milestone of 100k subscribers on my YouTube channel; still can't really believe it really. To celebrate this amazing milestone, YouTube has sent me a Silver YouTube Creator Award together with a letter from YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki. This milestone is… Continue reading YouTube Creator Award

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TLC Blanket – Give-away winners!

It has been so wonderful to read all your comments on my TLC Blanket give-away. Many of you say that crochet helps you to relax and unwind at the end of the day, that it gives you a way to take your mind from the worries in your life, if even just for a little… Continue reading TLC Blanket – Give-away winners!

Crochet, Other nutty stuff

TLC Blanket – Give-away ***CLOSED***

THIS GIVE-AWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Are you excited to make the TLC Blanket? Have you taken the plunge, and are you going to learn to crochet? Or maybe you are looking forward to a relaxing project? I hope to see you soon when we start with my TLC Blanket. While you wait, you can stand… Continue reading TLC Blanket – Give-away ***CLOSED***

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Holiday Goodies from France

I have had a wonderful summer holiday in France! I have only been to Paris before, so our two-week visit to the Vosges was a new experience for me. My husband went to buy fresh croissants every morning from the small bakery down the street, what a treat, and we had many wonderful walks and… Continue reading Holiday Goodies from France

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Holiday Crochet Plans

The school year is coming to a close, which always seems to result in a last minute sprint to get everything done before the holiday. My eldest son is finishing primary school, which means we are moving into a new phase; a son in high school. But before we jump into that new adventure, it's… Continue reading Holiday Crochet Plans

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Meet The Motif Queen

Sometimes you meet someone and you are just in awe of their work. Do you recognize this feeling? I have this with Rachelle Camora from Cypress Textiles. I call her The Motif Queen because she has such a signature style to her work. Have you seen her creations? I would love to share some of… Continue reading Meet The Motif Queen

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A Lovely Yarn Retreat

At the beginning of March, I had the privileged to attend a yarn retreat hosted by Devon Sun Yarns. During this retreat we learned to dye a skein of yarn, and to dye a color gradient yarn. I have never done something like this before, so for me it was really special. I would like… Continue reading A Lovely Yarn Retreat

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Visit to Leiden

Every year, my husband and I try to get away for a few days, just to remember what life was like before we got all grown up. Those days when we didn't have kids, or a mortgage, or responsibilities, or problems, or any of those things grownups seem to have a lot of. In the… Continue reading Visit to Leiden

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Quaker Quilt blanket in YARN6

I am totally happy, have you seen my blanket in the newest Scheepjes YARN bookazine? We are doing a blog hop and I am next in line to show you my contribution to the most beautiful YARN edition to date. Yesterday Alia from The Little Bee shared her design, and today it's my turn. Resources… Continue reading Quaker Quilt blanket in YARN6

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When it rains

I was on my afternoon school run when the rain came. It's a short 20 minute cycle from my home to school and I do these uneventful trips almost on a daily basis. On the return trip it's a nonstop chatter as my boys recall the hours we have been apart. Sometimes my boys race… Continue reading When it rains