Snowflake square blanket in winter colors

I made a good start on my new blanket a year or two ago, and then life and other commitments such as the videos for Rozeta, kind of got in the way. Happens to all of us right? We start a project, find that it’s taking way more time or is going much slower than we thought, we stash the project for a while, pick it back up, work on it a bit, and finally give it to someone else to finish. That’s kind of the story of my snowflake blanket made in Scheepjes Cotton 8 and Sunkissed yarn.

Scheepjes Cotton 8 and Sunkissed is available from Wool Warehouse (UK/International), Love Crafts (US/UK) and Caro’s Atelier (NL/EU) to name but a few Scheepjes stockists.

I am making a GIANT snowflake out of split granny squares which I am joining with a join-as-you-go method. The nice thing about JAYG blankets is that you can see the design materializing under your hands.

I work the blanket row by row, and after each row I work away the yarn tails. I was about a third into the blanket, with the tips of the snowflake just starting to show, when I realized that it’s going to take me forever to complete. The split-squares themselves are slow going, and there are a gazillion squares in this blanket.

I asked my maker Shirly to finish the blanket for me. Shirly is a very experienced crafter, and she has completed projects for me before. She completed the squares for my Bavarian Buster Blanket and made my Quaker Quilt, which I designed for YARN magazine, in record breaking time.

I told her, no rush with this one. When it’s done, it’s done. Shirly send me photo’s from time to time, and over the course of about a year she finished the blanket for me. Next week we fast-forward to 2021 and I will show you the final blanket. Shirly almost had a heat attack when the blanket was finished, but I will tell you why next week.

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