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Relaxing crochet from yarn to WIP

Last week I told you about my new project, how I want to design a relaxing project, not too difficult, something you can do while watching TV. A TV-project I call it. I do believe I have designed just such a project using two Scheepjes Whirls from the Ombré collection.


Yarn to WIP

I am using Citrus Squeeze (563) and Shrinking Violet (558) to make a linen stitch blanket. These two color are seriously contrasting colors because they are on oposing ends of the color wheel. I wanted my blanket to pop, and the best way to do that is to use colors that pop on the edge of them colliding.

Scheepjes Whirl is available from Wool Warehouse (UK/Int), Caro’s Atelier (EU/NL), (NL), and many other Scheepjes stockists world wide.

From yarn to WIP

I first work a row back and forth with citrus, change colors, and then work a row back and forth with violet. All I do is repeat, repeat, repeat. GREAT project for watching TV. With this pattern you can actually look at the screen and see what the characters look like! I notice that often I listen to the TV more than I actually watch the TV because I need to look at my work to prevent mistakes.

An added advantage of this project and the color changing yarn I am using is that I am taking the yarn up along the side of the blanket, meaning that there are no yarn tails to work away. I started at the lightest end of both of the ombré Whirls I am using, meaning that initially it looks a little bleak and washed out, but as the colors become darker, the blanket gets more and more character.

It goes so slowly, you hardly notice the color change, but if I fold the start of the blanket over the later parts you can clearly see the difference.

From WIP to Blanket

Fast forward a month or two in which I continue to work stripes, alternating the citrus and violet colors every two rows till the blanket is a square. At this point the blanket is ok, but not particularly special or interesting. I reached this point in the blanket when we were on holiday in the Morvan last year, a region in central France. I hung it over our balcony contemplating how to spice it up a bit.

Next week I show you the finished blanket and how I made this blanket from ok to really nice, even if I say so myself.

With love,

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7 thoughts on “Relaxing crochet from yarn to WIP”

  1. Looking forward to seeing how you upgraded the blanket!
    I totally understand the concept of “TV-project” 🙂 I do not watch TV, but I feel the need to work on a simple project that allows me to knit in a relaxing mood after a hard day of work, or when I’m stressed and I just want to think. In these cases, working on a complex pattern, for example, would be very frustrating.

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  2. I love your new easy blanket. I will make it soon…love your colour choice too.

    We are heading into Autumn now here in Australia so will keep me warm whilst making it.


    Helen 😘👌

    Sent from my iPad


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  3. This project sounds great. I’m still working on the TLC Blanket. I’m having a hard time with connecting the Granny squares to the main blanket. I’m counting stitches and using stitch markers to keep my place. I’ve feel like I’ve figured it out. It’s just going to take time to finish.


  4. I have to whirls ready to go. The Teal and the Coral. It will be interesting to see what else you did. If it wasn’t for your videos, I wouldn’t be the crocheter I’ve turned into.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Agree with all you say Cindy. Certainly wouldn’t have tackled the things I have without Esther’s wonderful, enabling and empowering videos and calming and reassuring voice. Made things with confidence and able to tackle so much more!

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