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Demelza video tutorial – Central Square

We have arrived at the final element of our Demelza blanket before we can start assembly. I am sure that the center square will be one of your favorite elements in the pattern. It combines parts of other squares we have made so far.

If you want to catch up, we have already made the small corner squares, flower squares #1flower squares #2, 3D corner squares and the rectangular panels. I have a video tutorial for you showing how to do each part, but there is also a photo tutorial in the original pattern designed by Cathering Bligh. The design is inspired by the character Demelza from Poldark, a series of novels written by Winston Graham in the 20th century and adapted for television by the BBC.


Video tutorial

You can find the video link for the this week’s panel, along with all other parts of the Demelza video series on my YouTube channel. The video for the center square is the longest video I have made to date; it is more than 2.5 hours. To make life easy for you I have added the starting time of each round in the description of the video; then you can easy go to the round you need.


I am using 13 lovely colors of Scheepjes Stone Washed yarn with a 3.5mm hook to make my Demelza blanket. We are making only one square this week and here is my colorway for it.

Round  Colorway
1Citrine (817)
2 & 3Corundum Ruby (808)
4 & 5Deep Amethyst (811)
6 & 7Lilac Quartz (818)
8 – 12Canada Jade (806)
13New Jade (819)
14Moon Stone (801)
15 – 17Amazonite (813)
18Green Agate (815)
19Coral (816)
20 & 21Canada Jade (806)
22New Jade (819)
23Red Jasper (807)
24New Jade (819)
25 & 26Moon Stone (801)
27 & 28Citrine (817)
29New Jade (819)
30Amazonite (813)
31Coral (816)
32Lilac Quartz (818)

Yarn amounts so far

I believe that my final yarn amounts will be the following: 3 x Moonstone (801), 3 x Boulder Opal (804), 2 x Canada Jade (806), 2 x Red Jasper (807), 2 x Corundum Ruby (808), 2 x Deep Amethyst (811), 1 x Lemon Quartz (812), 3 x Amazonite (813), 2 x Green Agate (815), 2 x Coral (816), 2 x Citrine (817), 2 x Lilac Quartz (818), and 2 x New Jade (819).

You can buy Scheepjes Stone Washed from Wool Warehouse (UK), Jimmy Bean Wools (USA), Love Crafts (USA), The Knitting Network (UK), Caro’s Atelier (NL/EU), or your local Scheepjes Stockist.

Next time, assembly! See you then.

With love,

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