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Nuts about Squares CAL – week 6

We have arrived at the half-way mark with our squares for Nuts about Squares CAL. I know many of you are a bit behind with the squares, but don’t worry about it. This is not a race and it is not about who finished first. It is about making something beautiful and enjoying the process of doing so. This week we are definitely making something beautiful, we are making Bavarian Beauty designed by Heather Gibbs from Keep Calm and Crochet on UK.

Resources and useful links

The pattern is published on Ravelry. If you are not a member of this platform you can make a free account or download the pattern as a guest. Ravelry is a large platform with thousands of free, legal patterns.


Het patroon staat op Ravelry. Als je nog geen lid bent van dit platform kun je een gratis account aanmaken of als gast een patroon downloaden. Click op “Free Ravelry Download” op de patroonpagina en sla de Nederlandse vertaling op.

Yarn kits

The 3 colorways Nuts about the EarthNuts about the Sea, and Nuts about the Sky are available as kits. You can use one of the suggested kits/colorways, or you can use your own colors and yarn.

I have kits available for all three Nuts About Squares Colorways in my SHOP HERE. Choose between Nuts About Squares – EARTH in Scheepjes Stone Washed, Nuts About Squares – SEA in Scheepjes Colour Crafter, and Nuts About Squares – SKY in Scheepjes Sunkissed.

I have a detailed post with all the yarn information, amounts, weights and color combinations for the 3 colorways, you can find the yarn/color information HERE.

Color chart

The colors for each row are given in the Color Chart Week 6 for each of the three colorways or you can follow the general colorway in the table below.

Instructions Nuts about Squares week 6

Use the following hook sizes to make your squares or the hook size you need to get the correct size (Note this is your ‘standard’ hook size you used for week 1):

  • Color Crafter – 4.0mm
  • Stone Washed – 3.5mm
  • Sunkissed – 3.0mm

Work Rounds 1 to 10 according to the written pattern or video tutorial using the colorway for week 6 given above. Work 3 squares in total.

At this point you have 43 stitches per side. Work an extra round to bring the final stitch count to 44 stitches per side.Round 11 using color A, attach yarn with a standing hdc or ch2 in any ch2-corner space, ch2, and 1hdc in same corner space. This is your new corner made. *Skip first st, 1hdc on each of the next 42 st, (1hdc, ch2, 1hdc) in next ch2-space. Repeat from * 3 more times, omitting the last corner on the final repeat. Join to the first st with a ss. [44 hdc per side]

Repeat Round 11 for all 3 squares. Round 11 is also shown in THIS VIDEO. Block your squares to the following sizes:

  • Color Crafter – 25cm (10in)
  • Stone Washed – 22cm (9in)
  • Sunkissed – 20cm (7.5in)

Nederlandse Instructies (Dutch) voor Nuts about Squares week 6

Gebruik de volgende maat haaknaald om je vierkantjes te maken, of de maat haaknaald dat jij nodig hebt om de juiste maat vierkantje te krijgen (Dit is je ‘standaard’ maat dat je ook voor week 1 hebt gebruikt):

  • Color Crafter – 4.0mm
  • Stone Washed – 3.5mm
  • Sunkissed – 3.0mm

Werk Toer 1 tot 10 volgens het geschreven patroon of gebruik de Engelstalige instructie video met de kleurverdeling voor week 6 zoals hierboven. Maak in totaal 3 vierkantjes.

Je hebt 43 steken aan het eind van Toer 10. Werk nu een extra toer om je vierkantjes heen om tot 44 steken per kant te komen. Voor Toer 11 hecht kleur A aan met een staand hst of 2l in enige 2l-hoek, 2l, 1hst in dezelfde 2l-hoek. Dit is je nieuwe hoek. *Sla de eerste steek over, 1hst in ieder van de volgende 42 steken, (1hst, 2l, 1hst) in volgende 2l-ruimte. Herhaal vanaf * nog 3 keer waarbij je de hoek overslaat bij de laatste herhaling. Sluit met 1hv op de eerste steek en hecht af. [44 hst per kant]

Herhaal Toer 11 voor alle vierkantjes. Ik laat Toer 11 ook zien in deze Engelstalige instructievideo. Span je vierkantjes op op de volgende maaten:

  • Color Crafter – 25cm
  • Stone Washed – 22cm
  • Sunkissed – 20cm

Video tutorials

If you appreciate a visual support to the pattern, you can follow the video for Bavarian Beauty. This video shows you how to make the original square.

After you have completed the original pattern you need to add an extra round using Color A to bring your total stitch count to 44 stitches. I also show you how to do this in a short video.

Share your squares

When you have completed your 3 squares and have added the extra row you are all done for this week. If you would like to share your work you can do so in the Official CCC Social Group on Facebook, share it on my Facebook page or tag me in your post on Instagram. If you use the hastag #NutsAboutSquares it will help me find it.

I hope to see all of you next week for part 7 of Nuts about Squares CAL.

With love,

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14 thoughts on “Nuts about Squares CAL – week 6”

  1. I am making the blanket for my 7 year old grandson – he is going to love this square. He likes the geometrical shapes and the surface texture – he particularly liked the Week 1’s diamonds.

  2. What size hook are people using? I know the pattern says 5.5mm, but I seem to remember seeing something to say we went up a size from what we have been using which for me would be 4.5.
    This square is working out very loose on the larger hook

  3. The written instructions for this pattern say that for dtr4tog/tr4tog you should do yarn over hook 3 times, but in your video you only do yarn over twice (which is what I would have done). Is there a mistake in the written instructions on Ravelry?

      1. Could this be why blocks are coming out too small as people have commented on Facebook?

  4. Even een vraagje over de 44 steken die je uiteindelijk moet hebben, is dat inclusief de steken in de hoek of tussen de hoeken ?
    Ik ben pas bij week 2, maar ik vind dit nu al een geweldige CAL !

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