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Ubuntu CAL Video Tutorials Part 9

Flowers! This week is all about flowers, and how I love getting flowers. The bad news is that you are going to have to make these flowers yourself, but the good news is that they give wonderful texture to your Ubuntu blanket.  Ubuntu is designed Dedri Uys from Look at What I made for the Scheepjes crochet along 2018. Under Resources you find all the links and information you need for Ubuntu.


Yarn Kits

Kits are available from most Scheepjes stockists. If you buy your kit from a shop that I link to on my blog, you are supporting my work and helping me to keep making new videos. I get a small commission from the shop based on what you buy. Ubuntu kits are available from:

Video resources

Video tutorials Part 9

The rounds for part 9 are a bit tricky sometimes, so take it slow when you feel unsure and take it stitch by stitch. The flowers are also rather time consuming, so also for those, take your time. It’s not a race 🙂

The videos are available in English with UK terminology in right and left handed versions; as well as Dutch in, again, right and left handed versions. In the video description there is a link to the start of each round. If you click on the time stamp given, it will take you to the start of that round in the video.

I am sure that you blanket is seriously big by now, I know mine is! And best of all, next week we add another few border rounds to it yet again. However, the end of Ubuntu is slowly starting to draw near, not long now and we will have a fabulous blanket. See you all next week for the next part of the border.

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