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Keeping track of yarn colors

You will notice that as you start working with yarn, and you don’t pay any attention, you might loose track of which color is which and accidentally work the wrong color in certain parts of your project. In this tips and tricks post as part of my TLC Blanket I show you how I keep track of my yarn colors during a project.


How to keep track of yarn colors

What happens when you work with a few balls of yarn? You remove the wrapper, start working with the yarn, cut your yarn at the end of the row, take a new ball, remove the wrapper, work with the second color, cut the yarn, repeat for a third colors, and again and again, and before you know it you have 10 different colored balls of yarn in your project bag and you don’t know which color is which anymore.

I have a tip for you to keep track of which color has which name and number. I try a small piece of yarn around my wrapper when I use a color for the first time. This way I can always keep track of which color is which.

In this short video I show you how I do this. Really quick to do, and never again will you wonder if a ball in your project bag is color 212 or 415….

If you want to go up a notch, and really organize your yarn stash and your colors more long term and not just for the one project you are working on, you could make a file containing your yarn and colors. Dedri from Look at what I made has some great tips. I made such a yarn organizer years ago. I don’t use it anymore because I have too much yarn, and simply don’t have the time to keep making new pages and adding the new colors as I get them.

An alternative to making these color cards yourself is to buy shade cards. Many yarn stores carry shade cards, such as Wool Warehouse and Caro’s Atelier (NL). I have this amazing folder with shade cards in them. When choosing colors, this really helps!

Learn to crochet and make a TLC Blanket of your own

If you want to make a TLC Blanket of your own, you can find all the information you need HERE. I have all the information available in English and Dutch. Many stores have kits available in the colors I selected, such as Wool Warehouse (UK/Int)Caro’s Atelier (NL/EU) and Creahuys 41 (NL/EU).

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