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Keeping yarn wrappers organized

I would like to give you a tip to keep your yarn wrappers neatly wrapped around your yarn. This will help you to neatly store your yarn in your project bag while you are working on a project, as well as store leftover yarn. In this tips and tricks post as part of my TLC Blanket, I’ll show you how I wrap my yarn wrappers.


How to wrap your wrappers

I really like it when my project bag is neat and organized, it gives me a sense of peace when everything is in its place. I re-wrap the yarn wrappers around each ball of yarn after I have used a ball where I wrap it in such a way that I can still see what the color name and number is. By wrapping the wrapper around the ball, the ball stays compact and nothing happens to the yarn while in my project bag. Especially with large balls of acrylic yarn, the ball can become loose as you use them, which leads to the ball falling apart and the yarn getting completely knotted. In this short video I show you how I wrap my wrappers.

I know at first glance this looks like a big mess, all the yarn is in a big pile and looks all unorganized. But look closely, and you will see that each half-used ball still has a firmly secured wrapper. This means that even after being in storage for years I still know what the yarn is. I love being all organized!

And a final tip, I always keep all my yarn wrappers till a project is finished. That way I always know how much yarn I used, which is a question I get asked often when finishing a project.

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5 thoughts on “Keeping yarn wrappers organized”

  1. Ester,
    I just want to say thank you for sharing yourself so much with us. You are an incredible teacher. The wealth of knowledge you share is so inclusive.
    I’m a better crocheter because of you. I’ve learn to be quieter, and more relaxed with my crocheting by watching the quiet, soft way you go about it. I have to give you all the credit.
    Again, I must thank you so very much for sharing your gift!
    With all my heart,

  2. This is a great tip that requires nothing extra. For years, I’ve used inexpensive hair clips (think elongated triangle-shape; open, they resemble this < ) from the dollar store to keep my yarn and labels together and tidy. I'll remember this if I don't have a hair clip handy.

  3. Good tip! I’ve crocheted for years and never thought to do it this way. I use tape. Always learning!?

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