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Attach new yarn mid row

It is inevitable that there will come a time when you are halfway through a row or round, and that you have come to the end of a ball. What to do? In this tips and tricks post as part of my TLC Blanket I show you how to smoothly attach a new ball of yarn mid-row.


How to attach a new ball of yarn

I this tip I show you how to attach a new ball of the same color yarn if you are halfway through a round or row. But actually, this is exactly the same method as that you would use if you were to attach a different color of yarn. In the photos I use a new color for demonstration purposes.

In general, when working a stitch you attach a new ball with the last yarn over of the stitch. Then the working yarn on your hook is the new ball and you can continue as normal. In this short video, available in a left handed and right handed version, I show you how to attach a new ball of yarn half-way a row.

You will be practicing and using this technique in the last part of your TLC Blanket, when we work with two colors at the same time.

Learn to crochet and make a TLC Blanket of your own

If you want to make a TLC Blanket of your own, you can find all the information you need HERE. I have all the information available in English and Dutch.

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