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Faded Fantasy Temperature Blanket 2020 Update #2

We are at the halfway point of the year, my summer holiday is just around the corner, and our Faded Fantasy Temperature Blanket has also just turned a corner. Time for an update on my Faded Fantasy Temperature Blanket that I am making in 2020 using Scheepjes Metropolis yarn.


Faded Fantasy Update #2

The blanket is now at its widest point, and from here on the rows (and the days if you live the northern hemisphere) get shorter with every passing day. A few important dates:

  • 30 June 2020 – second last row with increasing stitches (363 sc stitches)
  • 01 July 2020 – last row with increasing stitches (365 sc stitches)
  • 02 July 2020 – keep stitch count the same (365 sc stitches)
  • 03 July 2020 – first row with decreasing stitches (363 sc stitches)

If we look back at the year up to now, it has been a beautiful year weather wise, cool colors have made room for warmer shades of pink. We even had a heat wave last week, but I am a few days behind om my blanket so I still need to work the dark purple stripes.

As always I am slightly behind on my yarn tails, story of my life with this blanket it seems, and the reason I am behind on my blanket is because I had worked not one, but 6(!) rows the wrong color. I wasn’t paying attention when I wrote the color numbers down in my temperature chart. Oh well, we rip it out at work it again. Happens to all of use from time to time.

About Faded Fantasy Temperature Blanket

Have you missed the announcement of my new temperature blanket project, or maybe you are curious? The idea behind my Faded Fantasy Temperature Blanket is to choose a color you love, and then make a fade in that color using 8 shades from light to dark. I have selected 3 fades that I think you might like in shades of pink, blue, and green, but you can also make your own fade. I have named my 3 colorways Precious Pink Fade, Bubbly Blue Fade, and Graceful Green fade. Find all the info on yarn amounts, the free pattern in Dutch and English, and the colorways HERE.

Scheepjes Metropolis yarn is available from Wool Warehouse (Ships International) and Caro’s Atelier (NL/EU) and many other Scheepjes Stockists.

Share your Blanket #Fade2020

If you would like to join me and make a blanket of your own, I would really enjoy seeing your progress through the year. Use the hastag #Fade2020 on Instagram to help me find it, share your work in my It’s all in a Nutshell Crochet Nuts group on Facebook or tag me in one of your posts.

Keep hanging in there, and we will get through this.

With love,

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