African Sunset Temperature Scarf Finished!

It has been a VERY long time since I last showed you an update of my African Sunset Temperature Scarf using Scheepjes Merino Soft yarn. The honest reason why I haven’t shown you an update before is because I fell about 4 months behind, but I made a serious sprint towards the end of 2021 and now it’s all done! If you want to make a temperature scarf yourself, under resources you find everything you need, including the written pattern, color chart and video tutorial.


2021, a year in a scarf

Looking back on 2021 through the stripes in my scarf, it is noticeable that there were not really insanely hot days like there have been in past years. As a whole, the year was pretty steady with temperatures more or less where you would expect them to be. Totally not part of the scarf, but I do know this from being outside, we had a LOT of rain this year, so even though the temperatures were average, the year was more wet than usual.

Jack and I decided to model the scarf for you, doesn’t he look just dashing in his tuxedo! He just has the one eye, an accident from before we adopted him from the shelter, so I don’t know how it happend. He manages just fine with the one eye, and it keeps the local birds safe too. Can’t catch them if you can’t judge distance!

The scarf is about 40cm wide, and at the moment about 260cm long, which makes for very comfortable wearing. The shawl is really warm thanks to the wonderfully squishy Scheepjes Merino Soft yarn. The scarf has cables running along the length and a diamond center, below you see the details of the pattern from a few months ago. If you are looking for the needle point protectors, I have them in several colors in my shop HERE.

The scarf is really great to wear. The colors might look all ‘in your face’, but when you wear it on a neutral colored jacked, it really works.

Final Yarn Amounts for African Sunset Temperature Scarf

African Sunset Temperature Scarf uses the vivid colors of an African sunset to keep track of the temperatures. I have the written pattern available for free HERE and it includes a video tutorial.

Now that I have finished my scarf, I can give you final yarn amounts. Note that this is only a ballpark figure, because your yarn amounts could be different if you have a totally different climate to mine. African Sunset Temperature scarf uses 8 colors of Scheepjes Merino Soft yarn. It’s a lovely, warm and soft yarn and really well suited for clothing.

  • 1 x Scheepjes Merino Soft (648) De Goya
  • 1 x Scheepjes Merino Soft (642) Caravaggio
  • 3 x Scheepjes Merino Soft (644) Durer
  • 3 x Scheepjes Merino Soft (620) Munch
  • 3 x Scheepjes Merino Soft (641) Van Gogh
  • 3 x Scheepjes Merino Soft (608) Dali
  • 1 x Scheepjes Merino Soft (622) Klee
  • 1 x Scheepjes Merino Soft (609) Rembrandt

Scheepjes Merino Soft yarn is available from Wool Warehouse (Ships International), Bella May Yarns (Australia), Caro’s Atelier (NL/EU), Creahuys 41 (NL) and many other Scheepjes Stockists.

Each color corresponds to a certain temperature range. I use the maximum day temperature, but you could also use the average temperature, the minimum temperature or the temperature at a certain time of the day.

More Temperature Projects

For 2022 I will not be making a temperature project, too many other things on the go this year. If you are looking for some ideas, I have made a few temperature projects for you to choose from.

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1 thought on “African Sunset Temperature Scarf Finished!”

  1. Pretty pattern. I made a much plainer temperature scarf once. They do come out quite long don’t they unless you work on one row a day when they would be really short. 🙂


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