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Nuts about Squares CAL

Welcome to Nuts about Squares Crochet Along 2017. In this CAL we are making 35 amazing squares designed by 11 talented designers. After joining it all together we add a textured border as the final cherry on top. In this post I summarize all relevant information and link to other parts of the CAL.

Resources and Useful Links

Yarn Information and kits

The 3 colorways Nuts about the Earth, Nuts about the Sea, and Nuts about the Sky are available as kits. You can use one of the suggested kits/colorways, or you can use your own colors and yarn.

I have kits available for all three Nuts About Squares Colorways in my SHOP HERE. Choose between Nuts About Squares – EARTH in Scheepjes Stone Washed, Nuts About Squares – SEA in Scheepjes Colour Crafter, and Nuts About Squares – SKY in Scheepjes Sunkissed.

I have a detailed post with all the yarn information, amounts, weights and color combinations for the 3 colorways, you can find the yarn/color information HERE.

Hook Sizes

You need 2 hook sizes to make the blanket. You need the following hook sizes
3.5mm (US E/4) and 4.0mm (US G/6) hook to make the Nuts about the Earth blanket.
4.0mm (US G/6) and 4.5mm (US 7) hook to make the Nuts about the Sea blanket.
3.0mm (US D/3) and 3.5mm (US E/4) hook to make the Nuts about the Sky blanket.

Blanket Size

Depending on which kit you have and your personal tension your blanket will be about 130cm x 180cm for the Colour Crafter blanket, 115cm x 160cm for the Stone Washed blanket, and 100cm x 140cm for the Sunkissed blanket. 

Video tutorials

There are full video tutorials available for all aspects of the blankets. These are available in English (US terms) for right handed and left handed crafters. You can find the videos with each pattern part, or in one YouTube playlist.

Nuts about Squares Pattern Parts


If you are making something with one of my patterns or one of my videos, I would love to see your work. Use the hashtag #itsallinanutshell on Instagram to help me find it, share your work in my It’s all in a Nutshell Crochet Nuts group on Facebook or tag me in one of your posts.

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183 thoughts on “Nuts about Squares CAL”

  1. A surprise too ?
    It couldn’t start at a more perfect time, the day after I return from holiday ?
    Already got my wool too. I’m using a wool blend to give it warmth as a winter blanket xx

  2. Ik zie deze cal voor het eerst verschijnen! Wat een mooi deken is dat. Eens vragen aan mijn mama of ik het voor haar moet gaan haken. Ik ga het zeker volgen,
    Groetjes Sofie

  3. I am planning to crochet the Earth blanket… the kits are unavailable, but I’m guessing I can put together my own kit by just buying the skeins. Do the kits come with special things inside that I cannot buy on my own? Buttons, labels, pin, etc? Deciding whether I should wait until they hopefully become back in stock or if I should just by my own…

  4. I am so excited, I cannot wait to begin. I spent a few hours this weekend on my color selection as we do not have Scheepjes readily available in South Africa. I chose a very soft yarn made from 100% bamboo made in my home town of Durbanville, Cape Town. It drapes beautifully and the blanket should be finished in our winter (just in time for snuggling). I am still thinking about a name for my blanket – there are so many to choose from.
    Thank you so much, Esther

    1. Order from Wool Warehouse in the UK. I get stuff from them sent to New Zealand – and they do the packs for Esther’s CAL too.

    2. Jeanne Marx, for future reference, you can get Scheepjes from in SA. They sell on line and their shop is in Kloof, just outside Durban and they have a wonderful range.

      1. Thank you! That helps me decide, and you confirmed what I thought about the size as well.

  5. A beautiful blanket! Many of my favorite designers! So I will definitely join your CAL. Still have a month to decide if I stick by your Sea, of if I give it a personal swirl. <3

  6. Hi, I’m a relatively new crocheter, how suitable will it be for a novice and will it be US or UK terminology, I think this would be a deciding factor as learning something new and swapping terminology would probably break me 🙂 It looks beautiful by the way

      1. Thank you for your speedy reply?? I’m also left handed? Forgot that little detail ?

      2. I am a novice having done very little crochet and wondered if this might be too much for me but to anyone out there feeling daunted – the videos are fantastic and make each step really clear.

        I am in awe of how much effort must have gone into putting this CAL together – thank you so much

  7. I really would love to do one of these blankets but I’m not confident on my expertise as a crocheter! I know I can go at a slower pace and catch up but I’m really concerned that this is really for a more experienced person as some of the squares look complicated!!

    1. Hi Kim, I understand your concern. There will be video tutorials each week to show you how to make the squares. Also, in the facebook group that is hosting the CAL for me there are 50k who are willing to help you if you get stuck 🙂

      1. These patterns will be so well written, that they will be easy to follow, even if the pattern is a bit complicated. Plus there are videos 🙂

      2. HI Kim,

        I had never crocheted but ran across Esther’s Demelza Blanket videos. Her videos are done so well that I am almost finished with it! I am taking my time because I have 3 other projects in the works. So, for my 1st project, I made something that appeared HARD, but it’s turning out perfectly! I’m sure you can do it :0)

  8. he! i really want to join this cal! i want to buy the yarn myself because iam from denmark. du you know if its cotten of acrylic? any thing i have to have in mind when a buy the yarn my self?

  9. Ik ga zeker weten deze deken maken ook. Alleen 1 vraag. Ik las dat er 35 vierkanten gemaakt worden? Dus dan betekend dat elk patroon meerdere malen gemaakt gaat worden? Of mis ik ergens iets want zie in de lijst 12 patronen staan die aangekondigd worden.

    Wacht met heel veel plezier de patronen af. Ga hem maken met garens uit mijn voorraad.

      1. Dank je voor je antwoord. Wordt vast fantastisch om aan deze deken te gaan werken. Hij ziet er geweldig uit.

  10. I have ordered the yarn for the Sea afghan. I’m excited. But I have a problem. I am currently also making the Demelza blanket. And all of the video’s have gone to “Private Stock”. according to my computer. How can I get them back so I can finish my blanket?

  11. So looking forward to this CAL. I want to thank Esther who has taught me (and so many others) about crochet these last couple of years. I have mastered stitches that I wouldn’t have even attempted before xxx

  12. I’m planning to do the Sky pack (already have my yarn ?) but I don’t have a 3mm hook. I have 3.25mm and 3.5mm hooks. Should I order a 3mm hook?

  13. How many different squares are there in this cal. I know there are 12 announcements.

    1. I didn’t get an answer to this . I do understand why.. I originally identified 14 different squares from the pictures and put them in my ravelry project – all correct so far!! Really good for me as I wanted to do a 6×7 blanket so I can do three of each. I’m looking forward to the surprise.

      1. I missed your comment somehow. I would not not have replied, that is rude. I am so sorry.
        I would have said that they are a bit of a surprise, but indeed you could identify from the released photos most of them anyway 🙂
        Next week is the last square released with part 12. Then there are 14 designs in total.

      2. You have done a fabulous job I would never have been able to do them without you videos ( I started crocheting last year) and it is great to have a colour scheme to work from. I’ve enjoyed it immensely so far.

  14. I’m all sorted, even treated myself to a blocking board….. just a few more rows to finish off my star blanket tonight.

    Just want to wish every one good luck…

    Janie x

  15. wunderschöne Squares . Ich werde es versuchen zu häkeln. Kann man sich die Anleitung auch ausdrucken ?? Oder einfach die Videos?
    Wunderschöne Squares. Grüsse Marlies

  16. So happy to see this new CAL after making 3 Sophie’s Universe ghans My question is I just printed week 2 and don’t see the row count of which color to use. If I buy a color kit how do I know how to place my colors so that I don’t run out of yarn. Part 1 shows which ‘color letters to use per row…Color list is from A-F I plan to order the earth tones in Cotton 8.
    Thank you

    1. Each week has a color chart showing how to place the colors for each square. For week 1 and 2 you can find the color chart under resources. A summary of the color chart is also about half way down the post in a big table. Just click on the links for week 1 and 2

  17. I just want to say how incredibly well organised this CAL is. I’m up to week 7 and loving it. The blocks are gorgeous! The written pages and videos are so clear and professional. I’m just so impressed. Ester’s videos are just amazing, such a high standard. The same can be said for the layout of these pages with all the links to the appropriate bits needed. It must have taken a lot of organisation to do this. So this is just to say a BIG thank you to everyone. This CAL has taken me up to a higher level in my crochet and been a real delightful challenge for this beginner!

      1. ?? I have a lot of work to do – mine range from 42 to 44 and 14 to 16 cms. Oh, to learn the lesson here!

    1. Als je doorclickt naar een specifiek onderdeel van de CAL, dan kom je op een pagina met daarop alle informatie voor dat onderdeel. De links naar de specifieke onderdelen staan redelijk onderaan deze post.
      Bovenaan ieder onderdeel staat een kopje NEDERLANDS. Daar kun je de vertalingen vinden en andere instructies dat voor dat specifieke deel van toepassing zijn.

  18. Hi, Thank you for the video’s. I love watching them as they are so clear regarding instructions, therefore easy to follow. Hope to start the Lise square, once finished with my current project.

    Sandra Moodley ~ South Africa

  19. Hi, I have only just heard about CALs and would love to get involved with one, and, as I am fairly new to crocheting I felt it would be a fun way to improve my skills.
    Hopefully I can get join your next one, but in the meantime, I’d love to make your Nuts about Squares afghan. It is gorgeous!! Is the pattern available after the completion of this CAL, or do you remove it after a period of time?

  20. Hi! I’m late to the party but have downloaded all the patterns and am beginning to think about purchasing a kit or maybe choose a different yarn/colors. I know that if we use the links on your blog to get to the kits you benefit, but do you still benefit if I use the link and then go exploring to pick out my own yarn?

    1. Yes, I also get commission if you buy something else. Any purchase you make will benefit me. Thank you for thinking of me, I really appreciate it.
      I hope you enjoy making your Nuts about squares blanket.

      1. Great! I am so glad to know that; from now one I won’t buy any yarn without getting to the website through either your site or one of the designers!

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