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How to crochet step-by-step

Do you see all those wonderful crochet creations online and think “I wish I could do that”? What if it’s not as difficult as you might think? In a series of lessons which include step-by-step video tutorials and assignments I will help you to master many crochet stitches and make something fun in the process.

doosjeCome with me on a crochet journey and learn everything you need to know to make the most beautiful projects yourself.

The written lessons on my blog are currently on hold. On my YouTube channel video tutorials will continue as much as possible. I will update the overview with active links as more lessons and assignments become available.


Lesson overview

Enjoy your journey!

With love,


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20 thoughts on “How to crochet step-by-step”

  1. Esther, I know you’re not going to do a series of videos for the Discover the Seasons CAL, but would you consider doing an instructional video about Tunisian crochet? I know how to do it–I’m just not very good at it. Your work is so exquisite, and I feel I could really learn a lot from watching how you do it (much as I’ve learned a lot of general crochet tips from your Mandala Madness videos). I would even pay for a video like that–or even just a “tips and tricks” tutorial. And I know you’re doing the videos for the Hygge CAL, so I know you’re busy. Just planting a seed for someday. 🙂 With love from your biggest fan, Patty


      1. Yea! I ordered my Scheepjes Stardust (i love the way yours looks with that yarn–but I’m not a complete copycat: I ordered slightly different colors, haha), but I’m in the middle of two other projects, so it will sit awhile before I’m ready to work on the Discover the Seasons CAL. Maybe you’ll have done some instructional Tunisian videos by the time I’m ready to start! ❤


      2. P.S. No pressure–you have to do what’s right for you. I turn down people all the time who want me to crochet them something specific. They have no idea how much time it takes! If you ever do them, great! If not, I’ll just read your blog posts about the project and do my best!


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