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Sophie’s Universe part 6

Hey everyone!

I’m still working hard on the videos of Sophie’s Universe. Part 6 is now available 🙂

I used the following Cotton 8 colors for this part:

  • Round 46 – 651
  • Round 47 – 651
  • Round 48 – 713
  • Round 49 – 714
  • Round 50 – 716
  • Round 51 – 510
  • Round 52 – 671
  • Round 53 – 717

Have a beautifully nutty day!



5 thoughts on “Sophie’s Universe part 6”

  1. Bedankt voor al het werk, tijd en inzet die je hierin stopt, ik vind de filmpjes geweldig en super handig. Ik haak de Sophie Universe met de laptop erbij!! Groetjes, Alice


  2. Thank you for helping me to achiev making sopfie only one thing whas wrong on row 51 you said 96 but it has to be 69 .Good thing I still know dutch hey ?? Ha ha thank you had it kwickly workt out


    1. Yes, this was a moment of my mind mixing up numbers. I have it corrected on the screen in text. I only realized this much later on and I did not want to go back and redo everything. So I edited the recording.


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