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Quaker Quilt blanket in YARN6

I am totally happy, have you seen my blanket in the newest Scheepjes YARN bookazine? We are doing a blog hop and I am next in line to show you my contribution to the most beautiful YARN edition to date. Yesterday Alia from The Little Bee shared her design, and today it’s my turn.


My Quaker Quilt Blanket

My design for YARN6 FOLK is a quilt blanket inspired by the rich designs and colors you find in many Quaker and Amish blankets. The blanket has been named after the Quakers, a religious group who lived primarily in the US in the 17th century, although there are still people associated with the Quakers today. The Quakers played a significant role in helping runaway or escaped slaves to freedom by running an underground ‘railroad’ system consisting of safe houses and hiding places. I feel my blanket with the two-colored squares resemble the great diversity of people on this planet, all different ethnicity and background, yet when put together we compliment each other beautifully.

Making this blanket is quite a commitment. It has taken many, many, many hours to make and my sincere gratitude goes to my wonderful maker Shirly, who made this blanket for me. The deadline was just too tight for me to make it myself and she worked night and day to get it done on time. By the time the blanket was done, I don’t think she wanted to see another split granny square for a very long time.

Materials for Quaker Quilt Blanket

To make your very own blanket you need 7 colors of Scheepjes Cotton 8. You need the following: 501 x 12 balls, 515 x 11 balls, 663 x 2 balls, 723 x 3 balls, 649 x 1 ball, 650 x 2 balls, 714 x 2 balls and off course you also need the pattern which is available in YARN6 FOLK book-a-zine.

You can get both Cotton 8 and YARN book-a-zine from any Scheepjes stockist or Wool Warehouse (UK/Int), Black Sheep Wools (UK/Int)Knotty House (CA/US), and Caro’s Atelier (NL/EU). Thank you for buying your yarn by using the links on my blog. This helps me to keep making new things for you.

If you are making my Quaker Quilt blanket, I would LOVE to see it. Tag me or use the hastag #itsallinanutshell on Facebook and Instagram to help me find it, or share your work in my It’s all in a Nutshell Crochet Nuts group on Facebook.

Video help

The techniques used in my Quaker Blanket are not really difficult, but if you have never done them before you could be at a total loss. But don’t worry, I have two videos to help you. I have a video to show you how to work a split granny square and I have a video to show you how to do a join-as-you-go join. Both techniques are used continuously in the blanket.

A mystery letter…..

You may know about the competition that is running over on the Scheepjes Facebook page. You can win a copy of YARN 6, AND the yarn to create your favorite project.  In each blog hop post there is a hidden symbol, such as a letter, a number or a sign. If you put tHese symbols in order, you’ll get the secret sentence. To participate, comment on the Facebook post telling which YARN 6 design is your favorite, and once you’ve figured out the secret sentence, reply on your original comment with the secret sentence and who knows, maybe you’ll be the lucky winner! The giveaway runs up until November 11th and is open worldwide. Have you found the hidden letter in my post yet?

Who’s next?

So…… who is next in line for the blog hop you wonder? Head over to Tammy from Canadutch because tomorrow she will share about her design in YARN6, and give you another letter in the mystery sentence.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

With love,


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7 thoughts on “Quaker Quilt blanket in YARN6”

  1. Zo’n mooi ontwerp voor een deken. Zo mooi dat ik er bijna over denk het nog een keer te gaan maken😊🌺 Groetjes, Shirly


  2. Afgelopen week begonnen met deze super bloghop om het yarn magazine heen, zie ik het ene moois na het andere. Inmiddels heb ik zelf al 4 items die ik echt wel zou willen maken. Kom ik deze blanket tegen en dat geeft nu al 5 op de teller aan. Ik ga tijd en yarn zoeken of een sponsor hierin hahahahahaha. Super gaaf weer, nu al een gewild magazine als je het mij vraagt.


  3. A lovely website. Just to let you know, Quakers number in 100s of thousands and are very much alive and kicking with God’s Light to this day! You may wish to amend the information about us. Kind Regards from an English Quaker


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