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Grannies for Grannies Video Tutorial

It’s crazy times we live in. I am, just like many of you, in self-isolation due to the corona virus, Covid-19. I have literally left my home only 5 times in the last 3 weeks, and only to do grocery shopping, or something else that was essential. For the rest I have been at home.

Now that you are home, I am sure that you are missing your family, your mum and dad, your sister or a very close friend. Maybe you miss your grandparents even more, because you have not been able (or allowed) to visit them. Here in The Netherlands, all care homes are closed to visitors to protect our most vulnerable members of society, but the result is that these frail individuals can become very lonely.

Scheepjes has come with an initiative to make a granny square blanket for your granny, or granddad, to let them know that you care about them, even if you can’t visit them in person. The Grannies for Grannies make-a-long is a great way to make a classic blanket.


Video tutorials

About Kizzy Blanket

Kizzy blanket is designed by Maria from 50 shades of 4 ply, and is a classic granny squares blanket, just like the blankets that your granny used to make. Maybe a coincidence, maybe not, but Maria works in a nursing home, and cares for grannies every day. I feel it is extra fitting and special that we make one of Maria’s patterns during this pandemic in which people in the health care sector are the warriors on the front lines.

To make Kizzy blanket, we make squares, in two sizes, and then join them together. Cute little squares in as many colors as you like. I used many shades of pink and purple, with a bit of blue thrown in for fun.

Yarn amounts for Kizzy Blanket

Originally, Kizzy blanket is made using Scheepjes Stone Washed and River Washed yarn, but to tell you the truth, a granny square blanket is lovely in any yarn. Good options are a double knit yarn like Scheepjes Colour Crafter, or a worsted weight yarn like Scheepjes Chunky Monkey.

Scheepjes yarns are available from many stores such as Wool Warehouse (UK/International), Knotty House (CA/USA), or Caro’s Atelier (NL/EU).

But honestly? You don’t have to buy any yarn to make a granny blanket, because these blankets are perfect for using left-overs from other projects. I went through my box of Stone Washed yarn, and found more than enough! How much yarn you need depends on how large you want your blanket to be. For my tiny little lapghan I used about one ball of yarn, but from many small left-over balls.

Video Tutorial

To support you during these lonely times, I have made a video tutorial showing how to make the Kizzy blanket. I specifically made this tutorial for absolute beginners, so if you have never crocheted before, I hope you can work along with the video. If you have been crocheting with me through the years, you will not need this video, but maybe I can keep you company if we crochet a blanket together.

In the video show the stitches in detail, as well as how to block and join the squares. I finish with a simple border because the lacy border from the original pattern is maybe a bit too much for complete beginners.

The videos are available in English using UK Terms in both left handed and right handed versions, and in Dutch also in left handed and right handed versions.

My Kizzy Blanket

I made just a tiny blanket, more a lapghan really. I did not have much time to work on it, because the videos had to be done quickly. It was kind of hard to make a video for you while home schooling my kids, trying to organize things at the university where I work, not feeling very well myself, and just never being home alone. I enjoy being home all by myself, but right now we are all home as a family, 24/7. One the one hand life has hit the pause button, and on the other hand I have been extremely busy managing everything! How insane life can be sometimes…

I hope you allow yourself time to just be. Be home. Be alone. Be at peace. Be safe.

With love,

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3 thoughts on “Grannies for Grannies Video Tutorial”

  1. Hi, the color combination you used for your blanket is gorgeous! Possible to share the color code?



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